911, What’s your emergency?

911, What’s your emergency? (3.5pts)

I’ve never had to call 911 before (thank God) but I still had a lot of fun with this assignment, I just took what I have seen in movies, made my own situation and gave it a little twist.


  • Operator- Hello, 911, what’s your emergency?
  • Woman- They have come to take me!
  • Operator- Who is coming to take you? Where are you?
  • Woman- Them.
  • Operator- Them who?
  • Woman- The people! You know who!
  • Operator- M’am I am sorry, I need you to explain… are you in immediate danger?
  • Woman- Yes.
  • Operator- Alright m’am I am sending help!
  • Woman- It’s too late they found me! Help!
  • Operator- Can you describe the people?!
  • Woman- They are MONSTERS!!.. (hangs up)
  • Operator- Hello, 911, what’s your emergency?
  • Woman- I need a doctor!
  • Operator- What is your location? We will send help!
  • Woman- I called earlier, I escape. I barely made it…
  • Operator- M’am what are the extent of your injuries? Who are they?
  • Woman- I have a major bruise to my ego and pride.
  • Operator- M’am this line is for emergencies only!
  • Woman- …it was the in laws
  • Operator- (gasp) Help will be there shortly, just hang on sweetheart!
  • Woman- I can’t…(beep)
  • Operator- DAMMIT the in laws have taken another innocent soul and tore it to shreds! When will they stop!!

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