Design Blitz

To collect these pictures my roommate and I took a walk around Melchers and the Library finding many design concepts. Although I did not find an example of metaphors/symbols, rhythm, dominance, and unity, I did find the following:

  • Color- The use of the color pink on top of the black and gray catches the eye making it an effect use since it pops off the page.

The Druken City

  • Typography-Though not entirely made up of words, this poster is a very interesting use of the concept typography since it also adds the element of color with lines. I am not sure what this poster is about but the painted words make me want to learn more about it.

The Dirty Job

  • Minimalism & Use of Space- With just 4 colors (white, black, purple, green) Mark Rothko created this beautiful piece. It is just sectioned blobs of color this is located in Melchers.

Mark Rothko

  • Form/ Function/ Message- By Melchers, A sign to tell people to do their part and throw their trash away in the correct places. This is only partially affective since it is hard to read though the picture itself is pretty clear.

Stop The Litter

  • Balance- The ITCC flags located on the light posts use rotational balance perfectly. It is simple and not over whelming to the eye.


  • Proportion- Not quite sure on what this was suppose to accomplish though it shows distorted proportions clearly with a big headed child.


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