Shadow’s Theme Song

Your Theme Song (4pts):

I downloaded The Pink Panther’s opening song from Youtube. I added some found effects from Throughout the song I added some symbol crashes and drumming, while also editing the sound of the original song. This is perfect for my character, Shadow, since he is always sneaking around. This theme song describes Shadow nicely in that is had deep crashes as if he was breaking into something as he does on various occasions.

Shadow’s Theme Song

4 thoughts on “Shadow’s Theme Song

  1. I really like how you made this song sound like something different from the original version. I can also definitely see this song as going along with your character so it makes for a great theme song for him.

  2. One more thing that was wondering is why does your character need a theme song when he is a shadow and no one can see him?

  3. The Pink Panther song was definitely a good choice to associate with noir. I also like how you changed up the song with overlapping sounds but kept it consistent with the base being the Pink Panther song. Sounds like it’s perfect for your character!

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