Come to Mary Wash!

Cheesy Radio Ad for Your School (3.5 stars)

Looking for a University to attend after High School? Well look no further University of Mary Washington is the school for you! The following is a radio advertisement for the University of Mary Washington featuring Abigail Dunn as Caleb and myself as Shadow to promote students to attend this beautiful school.

Shadow’s Calling

Character’s Bird Calls (2pts):

This call is to specifically call my character, Shadow, from hiding when needed be. It was created entirely from and Audacity. It is short because Shadow doesn’t need a long call, he is always listening. This call is a mix of a whistle and sounds from playing water glass. I choose to create it this way because I was thinking that if you were trying to call shadow you wouldn’t want something loud and obvious you need something quiet but distinct to be recognized by Shadow.

Shadow’s Theme Song

Your Theme Song (4pts):

I downloaded The Pink Panther’s opening song from Youtube. I added some found effects from Throughout the song I added some symbol crashes and drumming, while also editing the sound of the original song. This is perfect for my character, Shadow, since he is always sneaking around. This theme song describes Shadow nicely in that is had deep crashes as if he was breaking into something as he does on various occasions.

Shadow’s Theme Song

Story with Sounds

Sound Effect Story (3.5pts)

This is a story about my character, Shadow. He is out for the night hunting for things to take, he finds a jewelry store a runs around to make sure the coast is clear. He notices the doorknob is old and jiggles it open. The alarm goes off, he starts to break the showcases. Not knowing the police station is close by he hears the police cars approach. He tries to get a few more things before they arrive. Before he knows it the cops have him surrounded, he is a goner. Shadow now gets to spend another night in the slammer, its like his second home at this point.

Nature’s sounds

Imitate Some Weather (1.5pts)

  • I love waking up to the sound of rain so here is my attempt to imitate a thunderstorm. The assignment required items that are used to be within reach, therefore I used a water bottle to attempt to make thunder and a beaded headband I was wearing to attempt raindrops. It doesn’t really sound anything like rain but I tried so no judging (if anything it is static phone call).

DS106 Radio Bumper

Create a ds106 radio bumper

The following is my bumper for ds106 radio, with the theme of noir. I didn’t use any sound effects but I did edit the voices, this was pretty fun to make although my roommate probably didn’t agree since I had this on replay for her. Song Credit: Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne

DS106 Radio Bumper

911, What’s your emergency?

911, What’s your emergency? (3.5pts)

I’ve never had to call 911 before (thank God) but I still had a lot of fun with this assignment, I just took what I have seen in movies, made my own situation and gave it a little twist.


  • Operator- Hello, 911, what’s your emergency?
  • Woman- They have come to take me!
  • Operator- Who is coming to take you? Where are you?
  • Woman- Them.
  • Operator- Them who?
  • Woman- The people! You know who!
  • Operator- M’am I am sorry, I need you to explain… are you in immediate danger?
  • Woman- Yes.
  • Operator- Alright m’am I am sending help!
  • Woman- It’s too late they found me! Help!
  • Operator- Can you describe the people?!
  • Woman- They are MONSTERS!!.. (hangs up)
  • Operator- Hello, 911, what’s your emergency?
  • Woman- I need a doctor!
  • Operator- What is your location? We will send help!
  • Woman- I called earlier, I escape. I barely made it…
  • Operator- M’am what are the extent of your injuries? Who are they?
  • Woman- I have a major bruise to my ego and pride.
  • Operator- M’am this line is for emergencies only!
  • Woman- …it was the in laws
  • Operator- (gasp) Help will be there shortly, just hang on sweetheart!
  • Woman- I can’t…(beep)
  • Operator- DAMMIT the in laws have taken another innocent soul and tore it to shreds! When will they stop!!