A Day in the Life of Shadow and Caleb

60 Second- A Video Narrative (4 stars)

This assignment required to take 60 one second video clips to tell a story. I show a day of Shadow and Caleb hanging out through the eyes of Shadow. In this montage of videos I got my friend Moe Bahhur to play Caleb as I play Shadow. That being said I am not a shadow so while watching I ask you to pretend that I am transparent and a male.

On this day of Shadow and Caleb Shadow starts off by stealing some jewelery (of course), some money, and a turtle (just because). Then Shadow runs away with the stuff he stole to meet up with Caleb. Caleb wanting to drink convinces Shadow to also drink, Caleb drinking too much passes out for a while. Shadow and Caleb eventually head out and begin being doing mischievous thing such as stealing a bike and a car. They then drive around for a little until they get hungry, they eat dinner then head out into the darkness. Caleb again suggests drinking as they take notes on how to be bad.

OMG DS106!

106 Horror! (1 star)

This is our idea of “DS106” in the genre of a horror movie featuring Caleb, Harvey, and Shadow which can be seen in the background of the poster. This was a collaboration piece with Abigail Dunn. We took a picture of shadows and Photoshopped “DS106” into it. This was inspired by our story Dead Silence though a little more creepy.


The Little Groom

Professor Groom Poster (4.5 stars)

Here is a poster of Jim Groom created by Abigail Dunn and myself. In this poster we have Groom day dreaming about my character Shadow because that bad boy is just that attractive, how don’t you dream about him? We decided to put Abigail’s character Caleb as Sebastian because Caleb is a a police men and he is suppose to serve and protect which is basically what Sebastian does for Ariel (aka Groom).

little fam

The Perfect Day with Caleb and Shadow!

Make My Day (3 stars)

The following is the perfect day for Shadow and Caleb! I collaborated with Abigail Dunn for this assignment. We used sketched out a schedule of things they would do together and then found on the internet each picture. This was inspired by our radio show Dead Silence although the beach ending did not occur in the actual story this is to represent an alternate ending if they had not all killed themselves.

get dressed







Come to Mary Wash!

Cheesy Radio Ad for Your School (3.5 stars)

Looking for a University to attend after High School? Well look no further University of Mary Washington is the school for you! The following is a radio advertisement for the University of Mary Washington featuring Abigail Dunn as Caleb and myself as Shadow to promote students to attend this beautiful school.

Shadow’s Calling

Character’s Bird Calls (2pts):

This call is to specifically call my character, Shadow, from hiding when needed be. It was created entirely from FreeSounds.org and Audacity. It is short because Shadow doesn’t need a long call, he is always listening. This call is a mix of a whistle and sounds from playing water glass. I choose to create it this way because I was thinking that if you were trying to call shadow you wouldn’t want something loud and obvious you need something quiet but distinct to be recognized by Shadow.

Shadow’s Theme Song

Your Theme Song (4pts):

I downloaded The Pink Panther’s opening song from Youtube. I added some found effects from FreeSound.org. Throughout the song I added some symbol crashes and drumming, while also editing the sound of the original song. This is perfect for my character, Shadow, since he is always sneaking around. This theme song describes Shadow nicely in that is had deep crashes as if he was breaking into something as he does on various occasions.

Shadow’s Theme Song