Really Watch Out for Shadow?

Public Service Announcement– (5 stars)

I mean yeah I am a thief but did Chelsea did you really need to create a public service announcement? The only reason I like this is because it makes me feel like a bad ass. I am armed but trust me I am not dangerous, unless you instigate a fight then I will not hurt you, though I will probably rob you, sorry.

A Day in the Life of Shadow and Caleb

60 Second- A Video Narrative (4 stars)

This assignment required to take 60 one second video clips to tell a story. I show a day of Shadow and Caleb hanging out through the eyes of Shadow. In this montage of videos I got my friend Moe Bahhur to play Caleb as I play Shadow. That being said I am not a shadow so while watching I ask you to pretend that I am transparent and a male.

On this day of Shadow and Caleb Shadow starts off by stealing some jewelery (of course), some money, and a turtle (just because). Then Shadow runs away with the stuff he stole to meet up with Caleb. Caleb wanting to drink convinces Shadow to also drink, Caleb drinking too much passes out for a while. Shadow and Caleb eventually head out and begin being doing mischievous thing such as stealing a bike and a car. They then drive around for a little until they get hungry, they eat dinner then head out into the darkness. Caleb again suggests drinking as they take notes on how to be bad.