Shadow’s Reminders

Post-it Notes and Grocery Lists! (2 stars)

Hey it’s Chelsea again I was able to infiltrate my blog for just a bit. As pay back I am posting Shadow post-it notes he leaves around his office in the Agency. He literally planned out his day step by step, which is a little odd for him. If you see Shadow you better hope his isn’t on the stealing step…

Shadow is a Little Weird

OMG DS106!

106 Horror! (1 star)

This is our idea of “DS106” in the genre of a horror movie featuring Caleb, Harvey, and Shadow which can be seen in the background of the poster. This was a collaboration piece with Abigail Dunn. We took a picture of shadows and Photoshopped “DS106” into it. This was inspired by our story Dead Silence though a little more creepy.


The Little Groom

Professor Groom Poster (4.5 stars)

Here is a poster of Jim Groom created by Abigail Dunn and myself. In this poster we have Groom day dreaming about my character Shadow because that bad boy is just that attractive, how don’t you dream about him? We decided to put Abigail’s character Caleb as Sebastian because Caleb is a a police men and he is suppose to serve and protect which is basically what Sebastian does for Ariel (aka Groom).

little fam

The Perfect Day with Caleb and Shadow!

Make My Day (3 stars)

The following is the perfect day for Shadow and Caleb! I collaborated with Abigail Dunn for this assignment. We used sketched out a schedule of things they would do together and then found on the internet each picture. This was inspired by our radio show Dead Silence although the beach ending did not occur in the actual story this is to represent an alternate ending if they had not all killed themselves.

get dressed







Picture Time

This week we were to take multiple pictures to capture different Noir elements such as:

  • the “Venetian Blind” effect
  • the grittiness of a built environment
  • dramatic use of shadows

The Light and The Dark

Into the Woods

Long Shadow

  • unusual camera angling

Different Point of View

Through the gate

Try a new perspective

  • the sense of drama or moodiness


  • character captured in a tableau suggesting an intense fraught moment & light from one side combined


  • urban night scape-somewhat blurry and dark

Urban NightScape

old picture-


  • a noir cat

Noir Cat


What’s in Shadow’s Bag?

What’s in your bag? -3pts

I emptied out Shadow’s bag and these are its contents.

  • A Napsack (in his favorite color)- Shadow is a thief and so half the stuff in his bag isn’t his. He carries this sack to place all his stolen goodies in.
  • Shades- He always carries his shade to complete his outfit and aide his disguise. Shadow secretly thinks he is a bad ass with them on though he’s really not.
  • Gloves- Shadow always carries gloves because he never wants to leave evidence at the scene of a crime. He also believes they are stylish and fits is “image.”
  • Knife- He always carries a backup weapon around you never know when you will be in a sticky situation.
  • Stolen Money- Again, Shadow is a thief, this is the money from people he pick-pocketed today.
  • A Satchel- Shadow saw the gold chain from the purse and fell in love. He apparently robbed the purse from a rich, drunk lady. He said it was like stealing candy from and baby.
  • Candy- He said the metaphor caused him to crave candy.
  • Jewelry (a pearl necklace, a diamond necklace, gold earrings, and a gold bracelet)- He stole from his favorite jewelry store. He plans to sell them  later on once the heat settles down.

-Don’t worry I will return all the items this klepto stole to their rightful owners. Except the candy, I am keeping that, sorry.

10 Pictures in 10 Steps

10 Step Photo Challenge– 3 pts

Challenge: Take 10 steps and a picture at each step, use different angles and directions. Create a collage out of the pictures.

This photos were taken around Arrington, while my roommate and I went out for a walk. I thought it would be the perfect time to get this assignment done. I tried to get as many different angles as I could think of that would be interesting. Here is the result of the photo-shoot.

10 pictures in 10 steps Collage

  1.  IMG_6052
  2.  IMG_6050
  3. IMG_6053
  4.  IMG_6054
  5.  IMG_6055
  6.  IMG_6056
  7.  IMG_6059
  8.  IMG_6058
  9.  IMG_6061
  10.  IMG_6064