Alternate Ending… 3pts


“Take it easy. Lie right out in the water. Don’t try to swim. I’ll tow you in.”

Call the guard I beg of you, he can call me an ambulance! They can rush me to the hospital and you can meet me there. Please, I love you but, please I need you to do this.

Once I got her to shore, I comforted her until the ambulance showed up. They believe her pain was due to stress induced contractions and that she would need to be taken to the hospital to try to prevent a miscarriage. I kissed her on the forehead and ran to the car so that I could meet her at the hospital.

There was a stand still on the way, I got stuck behind this car, I honked but there was no way to pass him. On the left there were cars coming towards me and I had no intention of slowing down for my love, so I quickly pulled right on the shoulder. I saw the culvert wall and tried to stop but the brakes failed. I immediately knew what she had done.

She didn’t trust me even after giving me a chance to kill her, she didn’t trust me. She set up this whole trip and swam so far out into the water on purpose, just so that I would get into the car. As I saw my life flashed before my eyes, I just thought to myself I should have seen this coming, she was a hell cat after all and this is what she does. Police on scene quickly ruled my wreckage an accident and Cara was not questioned.

When she got to the hospital she had a miscarriage. She no longer had any ties to me nor to the Greek. She was free and I guess that is all she truly wanted.


Police Beat- Incident at Rose’s Park

Police Beat– 2pts

This incident involved my character, Shadow.

Shadow, 24, was arrested Rose’s Park, Rose avenue, at 2:00pm. Shadow is accused of stalking a young woman and causing her to stay up all night and constantly running to the river to pray. She believes demons are following therefore called the police for help.

Neighbors report seeing shadow following her around tormenting her. Causing their good friend to go nuts.

Shadow states ” I only followed her around because I wanted to talk to her though she kept ignoring me.”

Ella states “I felt this dark present following me where ever I go, and that it seemed like it had the power to touch and move things. I am still scared”

Prosecutors say charges for this incident and unrelated incidents may be pending.

Unphotographable Studious Student

Unphotographable– 2pts

This picture I did not take was of a young female student studying in the niches of the convergence center, turning out distractions, expanding her knowledge, and preparing for her future. One day she may be our boss, our co-worker, our neighbor, or our friend; one day she will be just about anything. And yet at first glace all you truly see is a girl with her head in a book.