This made me laugh so hard when I saw this, I thought it was so creative. I think he used snapchat to do draw on his face, but I am not sure. This inspired to laugh at my self sometimes too because how else will you get through life if you don’t. You have to have fun and can’t take everything to heart otherwise you will isolate yourself and be lost forever.

Inspired by a Teapot

The Original Teapot

I thought this was very creative because there is already a poem about teapots and she just connected the pieces on this work. The point of the assignment was to create instructions for an everyday item and she already had hers made. This inspires me to look outside the box because the simple answer could be the most creative on.

The Original Smart Tea Pot

UMW Rugby Family

UMW rugby family tree

This picture of the UMW Rugby Family Tree, it inspires me because it shows how joining a club or sport here in college can be like joining a new family which is important when you are far away from your family back home. I believe this is a representation of club sports here at Mary Wash, at least it also is for women’s club soccer. This inspired me to branch out and get involved with the community here.