Week 11 daily creates

This week I did Wednesday and Sunday’s daily create:

  • Happy Birthday, Black!

This daily create was to make a meaningful birthday card for Maggie Black. This class is noir themed I took a picture I found on google of a black cat staring at the sunset and placed a birthday pun on it for her. Have a Happy Birthday Black! (even her name is noir themed)

Happy Birthday Maggie Black

  • Umbrella Photography is a Thing

I made this piece very dark because as a Shadow I love the dark since I like minimal light I placed a candle underneath the umbrealla. I can be a very romantic sometimes and this picture represents that. I took this picture in the dark then added a a color vibrant filter to get this pretty but gloomy photo.

How about an umbrella date night?


Shadow’s daily creates

This week I created 4 pieces of art. Who knew I could be so creative? A Shadow, ha. I believe these turned out great!

On Monday I took a selfie of my breakfast. Yes, I know eating cookies for breakfast is not the healthiest but hey I’m a Shadow, I don’t think I really have to be worrying about my figure. If you look closely you will notice that there is a smiling face in the picture (cookie=eyes, wrapper=mouth), I added this in because why not? I was very happy in this particular morning due to this delicious breakfast.

This morning's breakfast! #cookies #notsohealthy

On Tuesday I drew my idea of batman in 15 seconds (I used a marker to get all the color in on time). This was probably my favorite daily create because I believe I left a little bit of my self on this paper. Batman is a mysterious character just I see myself as a mysterious person. Though Batman is a “hero” and apparently I am not, I still admire him for his ability to act as a shadow (poser) though he is not.

15 second batman sketch

On Wednesday I created an inspirational poster. “If you have nothing to say, say words” I do say this a lot because it is so obvious. Though when I get stuck and don’t know what to say I literally say “words” or “ugh words are hard.” As the background I used a picture that I took of the beautiful sky and had nothing to do with the quote since that what people seem to do when they create inspirational posters…

Inspirational poster

Lastly on Friday I created a fingerprint painting using acrylic paint and my hands. For this daily create I finger painted a sunflower and in the black there are many of my fingerprint though they are hard to see, but, since I am a criminal I am not about to make it easy to be found.

Fingerpaint fingerprint sunflower petals

Week 9 Daily Creates

Monday: A Dream Staircase

The name of this piece is “Start Small, End Big,” these are my steps to end world hunger. Although there is much more that goes into being able accomplish each step such as money, education, and time, I thought it would be best to go a little more general. Unless I am able to feed myself I will not be able to feed my family, if I cannot feed my family then I cannot feed my community and so on. By starting small and expanding to help larger groups you create stability for yourself and those that surround you, thus allowing those people to help others and those other people to help even more people. Every change begins with you, and by you I do mean you!

Start Small, End Big

Wednesday: Arty Blur Photo

I actually took this picture throughout the summer, I was watching my sister’s friend DJ preform. He had lasers and really great music playing and I couldn’t help but jump and dance! The laser show was fun to watch though while dancing it is difficult to capture pictures. I ended up deleting most of my blurred photos but I did end up keeping this one because I thought the colors were very vibrant and the blur actually enhanced the photo.

Laser Blurs

Creating Creates on Week 8

This weeks daily creates:

Wednesday-You’re Favorite Moment in the Past Week…make an abstract sketch to illustrate it

I created this piece using water colors to illustrate my hike/walk down to the Rappahannock river with my friend. We went out on the rocks right on the edge of the river and looked across the water at dusk. I was a beautiful scenery and I absolutely loved it. Although the water was a murky green color due to all the melted snow flowing into it, I was nice to see the sun set behind the tree on the other side of the river.

Representation of my hike to the river.

Thursday-Laughing Out Loud…What makes you laugh out loud?

Hanging out with my friend’s dog Maxi always makes me laugh, he is so silly you can help but to giggle. One summer I was house sitting for his owners and therefore also dog sitting Maxi. I took this video when we were out on one of our walks, it doesn’t come close to showing how much fun he can be.

Friday-If Jim Groom Were Kidnapped…what would the ransom note say?

I created this based on what I have heard kidnappers say in different shows to the victim’s family or friends. I also wanted to allow the kidnapper to have a reason to why he had kidnapped our professor though I didn’t want to get into details so that if the ransom note were to reach the cops, the kidnapper couldn’t be identified. I saw this background on PowerPoint with the ink splatter which resembled blood splatter so I used it was a background to the ransom note.

Jim Groom's Ransom Note


Getting Creative on Week 7

Week 7 Daily Creates: (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday)

Monday: What 5 Things in Life Give You Joy?

While I was thinking what are my top 5 things bring me joy in life, I came up with my family, my friends, soccer, my turtle (Lilo), and doing art. These are my top things I love, though I had a few others that I wanted to put in. I then went through some old pictures of each thing and I used iMovie to create a video of them all together. Here is the final result.

Wednesday: Are you up for some emojination?

This daily create involved creating a story from 5 emojis. I ended up getting a noir cat as one of my emojis so I immediately jumped to noir themed story when I was brainstorming. The following is my story.

The Evil Cat

Saturday: A Unique #HeelConcept

In this daily create we were to make a heel concept by elevating our heel on a daily object. I choose a juggling soccer ball because I constantly play soccer but a full sized soccer ball would have been too big to do. Here is my #heelconcept

A Soccer Heel Concept


Week 5 Creates

This week we were to produce at least 3 daily creates, they are as followed:

Monday-Draw a David…That David.

-Happy Birthday David… I create this piece on picassohead.com. In David’s photo he is had long hair, was playing the guitar, and wearing glasses therefore I had to include these elements to my portrait of him.

Happy Birthday David!

Tuesday: Make creative hands

-When preparing for this, I thought of how creative and beautiful decorated henna hands are so I tried to replicate it though I realized half way through that I had to practice on the piano for class and why not take a picture of the moment.

Piano Practice

Wednesday: What’s your super power?

-I always wanted to know what people were thinking and how their thought process worked. So definitely Telepathy was the power for me, I always wonder where people’s minds wonder off to. This is my representation of Telepathy.

Power of Telepathy


Spicing Up Week4

This week I did 3 daily creates:

Monday-Ruin-Porn Photography Today

  • A picture of the old amphitheater here on campus, it is no longer used and it looked antique so I thought might as well used this picture for the “decay” daily create.


Tuesday-I’m Sorry

  • This is a picture of my friend’s dog (basically my dog), when I read that we had to create a picture with the theme I am sorry I immediately thought of Maxi who always looks like he did something wrong and he’s sorry about it.


Wednesday-Cute Puppy Alert

  • For this daily create we had to caption Kevin the puppy. Definitely read the caption with a deep voice.


Week 3: The Creative Days

This weeks daily creates in a list:

Monday- Droodle at a Meeting (or Elsewhere)



Tuesday-Liberate Your Art!

For this postcard I used one of my old paintings and did some editing on it.

Flower Postcard

Wednesday-Make 2048!

Got my inspiration for this from my love of sports.


Thursday-A Silent Movie About Silence

This is was a video from the 4th of July, it had a lot of sound to if but its was a lot better silent. The quality is not the best and I am sorry for that.

Friday- Make a Paper Sculpture

I thought I’d change it up a little by making a video from pictures I took while making a paper sculpture.

Saturday-Make Instructions for an Everyday Item

I choose a bed
The correct way to use a bed.


Sunday-Drawing Without Lifting the Pencil

Droodle Flower