DS106 Radio week 2

This week I listened in on Dinner Party at 6 and part of Noir Buzz. Dinner Party at 6 was very interesting though hard to figure out what was happening. Something that may have been helpful would have been some vocal cues to which character was saying what so that the audience could tell what happened to who. Other than the vocal cues the story was great! The mystery and death in the story fit right into the theme of noir perfectly. The sound effects were great, very helpful, and it allowed me to be dragged into the story as if I were actually there.

Noir Buzz was somewhat difficult to understand at first, the woman who was explaining the show in the beginning spoke too quick therefore one could not catch everything she said. Since, I didn’t know what was happening in the show it took me a while to pick up that it was a talk show starring an actress sharing insight on her recently release movie. They aired a movie trailer towards the end of the show which was had great sound effects and also perfectly fit into the theme of noir.

DS106radio listen in: NOIR Not the Father

This week I listened into Thursday to NOIR Not the Father. The sound effects of the audience was on point, the show got really intense and was great! This show sounded as if it was on Maury or Jerry Springer with the story and sound effects which was great! Although I got a little lost in the end of the show with what was happening overall this was fun to listen too. The plot was so noir with the multiple love affairs and the cheating involved.

The Vignelli Canon

Semantics (meaning), Syntactic (syntax), and Pragmatic (realistic considerations) are Vignelli top 3 most important aspects of design. Though there are other aspects such as discipline, appropriateness, ambiguity, and timelessness. His top three are obviously the most important to design because without semantics or a purpose to what you are doing then what is the point, you can throw a bunch of things together yet accomplish nothing. Syntax of the project is also important so that things relate and can be easily understood by your audience. While designing having a realistic design is important so that your given goal can be reached and not just a far off dream that can never be achieved.

Vignelli begins to talk about the tangible part of design towards the end the booklet. This part I found not so important in that it talks about choosing elements to help you accomplish (physically) your goal outcome, not how to mentally design and prepare to create your project. I believe brainstorming is the part people struggle with the most not how to do it once they know their end goal.

Mine, Yours, Ours?

After watching A Fair(y) Use Tale and Laws that Choke Creativity as well as readingĀ Fair Use Frequently Asked Questions, 7 Things You Should Know about Creative Commons, andĀ A Brief History of Copyright. I have realized that copyright laws really doesn’t make sense to modern day. With our technology today we can’t recreate and make new art because me must ask for permission to build off of something we read and saw. Though I somewhat understand where these laws came from, why would someone want someone else to make money off of their hard work and sweat yet to protect someone’s idea they took it a step too far and violated others freedom to express their own ideas and create new work has been inspired from old work.

Is it fair to limit what someone can recreate? What is fair game? I am really confused with what is fair game and what isn’t when recreating. If you recreate something it no longer has the original meaning, yet it is isn’t your work, and the original writer didn’t create it, then who’s work is it?

Also A Fair(y) Use Tale was confusing yet informative if that makes any sense, half the time I felt like Dory lost. Though the other time I understood that they were not for the copyright law at all and not getting that confused with plagiarism.

Noir Films: Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity (1944) is a movie in which Neff an insurance salesman meets Phyllis during his run. They flirt and end up planning the death of Phyllis’s husband so that they could be together. This movie is very similar to The Postman Always Rings Twice in which there is a theme of a femme fatale. Where a woman brings disaster to the men she becomes involved with (a theme in noir). While watching the movie, a few things immediately makes one think of noir, the venetian blind effects in multiple scenes as well as the movie being in black and white.

Since this is the design week, lets talk a little bit on how the movie was designed. In multiple shots the camera has a close up of the characters or was angled in a way to bring attention to the speaker and little attention to the other characters in the frame. With different angling, framework, and music a scene can be manipulated by the directer so that the audience sees what they want them to see as well as remember important parts of the movie.

Thought on Audio Storytelling

This week we had to watch 2 videos and compare them both on the Touch of Evil and Touch of Evil (no restored version). The only real difference between each video is that the no restored version was longer and that they both had different music playing along. The regular version had a happy song playing along giving an entirely different sense to the opening then the no restored version which had a darker tone to it. The darker tone made the clip more noir and more intense when the car exploded.

We also had to participate on a tweet along with the ds106 radio. I participated on Thursday. I really like the astronaut story about Buzz and Neil how they get stuck on the moon yet they do not panic. All the sound effects within both stories The Killers and the Moon Landing were also amazing and added to the story making one feel as if they were standing on the moon or in the cross fire. Without these sound effects we would have just been sitting there hearing a story being read to us, which would have been extremely boring, most of us would have probably dazed off.