Week 2 Throwback


This puts a cap on week 2 of The Dark Times, this week was the start of the daily creates (“Lets Get Creative!”; A Cat on Synthesizer, A Yodel, and An Eye Selfie) which added some creativity for each day. I for one really enjoyed the daily creates so much so that I would be waiting for the next day to be posted though I may not had time to do everyone.

This week we also created a Character Dossier, mine being called Shadow aka Darkness. I had a bit of fun creating this character by bouncing ideas with my roommate about Shadow. Learn more about Shadow in my Character Dossier Introduction.

Similar to the daily creates we had to do writing assignments which involved being creative (which I also enjoyed). We had to produce 8 pts worth of writing assignment, 3 pts being dedicated to our character. I dedicated The Police Beat and the Haiku It Up! assignments to Shadow. I also did the 10 Seconds of Thanks Assignment, Unphotographable, and the required Alternate Ending.

Lastly was the most dreaded part of this week was the Noir reading, although they were interesting the required reading “The Postman Always Rings Twice” was 68 pg long plus 3 more stories we had to read, which I think may be a bit excessive since this is not my only class I am enrolled in and we had other assignments to complete. Though they were great reads, let’s be a little more reasonable on the amount of stories to read. Here are my reflections on the Noir Readings.

The Dark Times Week 1 Review


This week on The Dark Times we explore the theme of “Noir.” Noir being described as darkness, shady villains, criminal, outlaws, gangs, and mysterious unknown. What I have learned is that Groom and Paul are obsessed with the theme noir and blogging as if it wasn’t so obvious during by their freshmen seminar “true crime” class (True Crime Blog)… but actually I learned that this class its going to be truly awesome!

Throughout this week in preparation for #ds106 we had to create different accounts on social media sites. Although some of the media required for this class was somewhat confusing to use I believe it will be really helpful when trying to express ourselves throughout this class. I watched a bit of examples of noir with my roommate, Abigail Dunn,

Late Night Fun

including The Dark Knight, Scooby Doo, Pretty Little Liars, Bugs Bunny, and The Courageous Cat all good examples of noir. It allowed us to better understand what “noir” really was, I realized that when I was younger I use to unknowingly watch noir (Scooby Doo) all the time for the mystery that was involved.

I really liked using flickr to post pictures although I haven’t gotten to mess with it too much.


I did have some trouble figuring out how to post on youtube and then find my video but I am sure that just takes some exploring to figure out as do some of the other sites we used (Soundcloud).

I am really looking forward to the rest of this class.