Creating Creates on Week 8

This weeks daily creates:

Wednesday-You’re Favorite Moment in the Past Week…make an abstract sketch to illustrate it

I created this piece using water colors to illustrate my hike/walk down to the Rappahannock river with my friend. We went out on the rocks right on the edge of the river and looked across the water at dusk. I was a beautiful scenery and I absolutely loved it. Although the water was a murky green color due to all the melted snow flowing into it, I was nice to see the sun set behind the tree on the other side of the river.

Representation of my hike to the river.

Thursday-Laughing Out Loud…What makes you laugh out loud?

Hanging out with my friend’s dog Maxi always makes me laugh, he is so silly you can help but to giggle. One summer I was house sitting for his owners and therefore also dog sitting Maxi. I took this video when we were out on one of our walks, it doesn’t come close to showing how much fun he can be.

Friday-If Jim Groom Were Kidnapped…what would the ransom note say?

I created this based on what I have heard kidnappers say in different shows to the victim’s family or friends. I also wanted to allow the kidnapper to have a reason to why he had kidnapped our professor though I didn’t want to get into details so that if the ransom note were to reach the cops, the kidnapper couldn’t be identified. I saw this background on PowerPoint with the ink splatter which resembled blood splatter so I used it was a background to the ransom note.

Jim Groom's Ransom Note


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