Getting Creative on Week 7

Week 7 Daily Creates: (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday)

Monday: What 5 Things in Life Give You Joy?

While I was thinking what are my top 5 things bring me joy in life, I came up with my family, my friends, soccer, my turtle (Lilo), and doing art. These are my top things I love, though I had a few others that I wanted to put in. I then went through some old pictures of each thing and I used iMovie to create a video of them all together. Here is the final result.

Wednesday: Are you up for some emojination?

This daily create involved creating a story from 5 emojis. I ended up getting a noir cat as one of my emojis so I immediately jumped to noir themed story when I was brainstorming. The following is my story.

The Evil Cat

Saturday: A Unique #HeelConcept

In this daily create we were to make a heel concept by elevating our heel on a daily object. I choose a juggling soccer ball because I constantly play soccer but a full sized soccer ball would have been too big to do. Here is my #heelconcept

A Soccer Heel Concept


4 thoughts on “Getting Creative on Week 7

  1. Loved the emoji story it was really funny, I wanted to do this assignment as well but was too busy that day 🙁

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