Shadow’s daily creates

This week I created 4 pieces of art. Who knew I could be so creative? A Shadow, ha. I believe these turned out great!

On Monday I took a selfie of my breakfast. Yes, I know eating cookies for breakfast is not the healthiest but hey I’m a Shadow, I don’t think I really have to be worrying about my figure. If you look closely you will notice that there is a smiling face in the picture (cookie=eyes, wrapper=mouth), I added this in because why not? I was very happy in this particular morning due to this delicious breakfast.

This morning's breakfast! #cookies #notsohealthy

On Tuesday I drew my idea of batman in 15 seconds (I used a marker to get all the color in on time). This was probably my favorite daily create because I believe I left a little bit of my self on this paper. Batman is a mysterious character just I see myself as a mysterious person. Though Batman is a “hero” and apparently I am not, I still admire him for his ability to act as a shadow (poser) though he is not.

15 second batman sketch

On Wednesday I created an inspirational poster. “If you have nothing to say, say words” I do say this a lot because it is so obvious. Though when I get stuck and don’t know what to say I literally say “words” or “ugh words are hard.” As the background I used a picture that I took of the beautiful sky and had nothing to do with the quote since that what people seem to do when they create inspirational posters…

Inspirational poster

Lastly on Friday I created a fingerprint painting using acrylic paint and my hands. For this daily create I finger painted a sunflower and in the black there are many of my fingerprint though they are hard to see, but, since I am a criminal I am not about to make it easy to be found.

Fingerpaint fingerprint sunflower petals

2 thoughts on “Shadow’s daily creates

  1. Wow you did four of daily creates! I really love your all daily creates, especially Batman and sunflower. I like how you draw sunflower only quarter of it instead of draw all the part! Nice job!

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