Week 11 daily creates

This week I did Wednesday and Sunday’s daily create:

  • Happy Birthday, Black!

This daily create was to make a meaningful birthday card for Maggie Black. This class is noir themed I took a picture I found on google of a black cat staring at the sunset and placed a birthday pun on it for her. Have a Happy Birthday Black! (even her name is noir themed)

Happy Birthday Maggie Black

  • Umbrella Photography is a Thing

I made this piece very dark because as a Shadow I love the dark since I like minimal light I placed a candle underneath the umbrealla. I can be a very romantic sometimes and this picture represents that. I took this picture in the dark then added a a color vibrant filter to get this pretty but gloomy photo.

How about an umbrella date night?


3 thoughts on “Week 11 daily creates

  1. These are great! I love the pun with the noir cat; it embodies noir106 perfectly (purrrfectly?). Also, your umbrella picture is very nice. I like your use of a candle to make the ribs of the umbrella stand out. It is also very indicative of noir. Great job!

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