Week 3: The Creative Days

This weeks daily creates in a list:

Monday- Droodle at a Meeting (or Elsewhere)



Tuesday-Liberate Your Art!

For this postcard I used one of my old paintings and did some editing on it.

Flower Postcard

Wednesday-Make 2048!

Got my inspiration for this from my love of sports.


Thursday-A Silent Movie About Silence

This is was a video from the 4th of July, it had a lot of sound to if but its was a lot better silent. The quality is not the best and I am sorry for that.

Friday- Make a Paper Sculpture

I thought I’d change it up a little by making a video from pictures I took while making a paper sculpture.

Saturday-Make Instructions for an Everyday Item

I choose a bed
The correct way to use a bed.


Sunday-Drawing Without Lifting the Pencil

Droodle Flower

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