Week 9 Daily Creates

Monday: A Dream Staircase

The name of this piece is “Start Small, End Big,” these are my steps to end world hunger. Although there is much more that goes into being able accomplish each step such as money, education, and time, I thought it would be best to go a little more general. Unless I am able to feed myself I will not be able to feed my family, if I cannot feed my family then I cannot feed my community and so on. By starting small and expanding to help larger groups you create stability for yourself and those that surround you, thus allowing those people to help others and those other people to help even more people. Every change begins with you, and by you I do mean you!

Start Small, End Big

Wednesday: Arty Blur Photo

I actually took this picture throughout the summer, I was watching my sister’s friend DJ preform. He had lasers and really great music playing and I couldn’t help but jump and dance! The laser show was fun to watch though while dancing it is difficult to capture pictures. I ended up deleting most of my blurred photos but I did end up keeping this one because I thought the colors were very vibrant and the blur actually enhanced the photo.

Laser Blurs

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