Goodbye Radio, Goodbye Dead Silence

I was so excited to here my show Dead Silence live on the radio and once I saw what everyone tweeted about it, my day was made. It seemed as if everyone had enjoyed listening to the shows as much as I enjoyed creating it. I loved my group, Abigail Dunn and Justin Lawrence, both had a great sense of humor when coming up with the lines for the show as well as when we were recording. The hardest part about this show would probably be the editing since I did have to split every everyone’s voices so that I could touch up the character or change their voice entirely (Shadow). That being said the only thing I’d probably would change about this show would be slightly extending the script. For future radio groups I have one advice for you, start this project as early as you can! You do not want to be stuck on Sunday night still trying to finish up editing.

In case you missed out on Dead Silence here is the audio:

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