The Darkening Agency Update #2

While investigating, Jota and Black have been spotted safe on the UMW campus though they have been walking around a little suspiciously, almost zombie like. Caleb and I believe their behavior is due to their kidnapping. Jack is still no where to be found though we have some ideas to who he is and where he may be found. We do not want to tip anyone off so we will keep the details of the investigation private. Jack we will find you and you will pay for what you have done.

I would say this investigation is going swell except that Caleb is being Caleb and refusing to do his part in the detective work. Don’t tell him I said this but he is a bit lazy (likely due to the large consumption of alcohol) and I forcefully have to drag him out of bed to get stuff done. Caleb need to get his stuff together before I crack this case myself, leaving him in the dust. Caleb if you read this you better watch out.

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