Mine, Yours, Ours?

After watching A Fair(y) Use Tale and Laws that Choke Creativity as well as readingĀ Fair Use Frequently Asked Questions, 7 Things You Should Know about Creative Commons, andĀ A Brief History of Copyright. I have realized that copyright laws really doesn’t make sense to modern day. With our technology today we can’t recreate and make new art because me must ask for permission to build off of something we read and saw. Though I somewhat understand where these laws came from, why would someone want someone else to make money off of their hard work and sweat yet to protect someone’s idea they took it a step too far and violated others freedom to express their own ideas and create new work has been inspired from old work.

Is it fair to limit what someone can recreate? What is fair game? I am really confused with what is fair game and what isn’t when recreating. If you recreate something it no longer has the original meaning, yet it is isn’t your work, and the original writer didn’t create it, then who’s work is it?

Also A Fair(y) Use Tale was confusing yet informative if that makes any sense, half the time I felt like Dory lost. Though the other time I understood that they were not for the copyright law at all and not getting that confused with plagiarism.