What’s in Shadow’s Bag?

What’s in your bag? -3pts

I emptied out Shadow’s bag and these are its contents.


  • A Napsack (in his favorite color)- Shadow is a thief and so half the stuff in his bag isn’t his. He carries this sack to place all his stolen goodies in.
  • Shades- He always carries his shade to complete his outfit and aide his disguise. Shadow secretly thinks he is a bad ass with them on though he’s really not.
  • Gloves- Shadow always carries gloves because he never wants to leave evidence at the scene of a crime. He also believes they are stylish and fits is “image.”
  • Knife- He always carries a backup weapon around you never know when you will be in a sticky situation.
  • Stolen Money- Again, Shadow is a thief, this is the money from people he pick-pocketed today.
  • A Satchel- Shadow saw the gold chain from the purse and fell in love. He apparently robbed the purse from a rich, drunk lady. He said it was like stealing candy from and baby.
  • Candy- He said the metaphor caused him to crave candy.
  • Jewelry (a pearl necklace, a diamond necklace, gold earrings, and a gold bracelet)- He stole from his favorite jewelry store. He plans to sell them¬† later on once the heat settles down.

-Don’t worry I will return all the items this klepto stole to their rightful owners. Except the candy, I am keeping that, sorry.

Inside Shadow Man

Shadow aka darkness (but prefers shadow) was born on October 31, 1990 in Salem, North Carolina. He is a shadow, dark inside and out. He can take any form though he prefers the form of a man wearing a snap-brim hat holding, his favorite possession, a shadow gun. He gets his name Shadow from his looks and for hiding in others shadows, which he loves to do. He is super stealthy when he wants to be which is always.


He is single and has no children and doesn’t plan for that to change for a long time. He is a robber for a living though he love to rob jewelry stores and banks just for the thrill of it not because he has to.¬† Oddly enough for being a shadow, he loves shiny thing which explains his compulsion to steal things. His personal motto is “everything is for the taking.”

Shadow being artsy.
Shadow being artsy.

A few personal things about him are that his favorite food and drink is chocolate chip cookies and Arnold Palmer, if shiny was a color it would be his favorite though he likes the color black. His favorite book is 50 Shades of Grey though I am sure its only because of the title. He takes some inspiration from from his favorite movie Paranormal Activity.

Shadow caught hiding in others shadows for fun. It may be difficult to spot him.
Shadow caught hiding in others shadows for fun. It may be difficult to spot him.

Police Beat- Incident at Rose’s Park

Police Beat– 2pts

This incident involved my character, Shadow.


Shadow, 24, was arrested Rose’s Park, Rose avenue, at 2:00pm. Shadow is accused of stalking a young woman and causing her to stay up all night and constantly running to the river to pray. She believes demons are following therefore called the police for help.

Neighbors report seeing shadow following her around tormenting her. Causing their good friend to go nuts.

Shadow states ” I only followed her around because I wanted to talk to her though she kept ignoring me.”

Ella states “I felt this dark present following me where ever I go, and that it seemed like it had the power to touch and move things. I am still scared”

Prosecutors say charges for this incident and unrelated incidents may be pending.