10 Pictures in 10 Steps

10 Step Photo Challenge– 3 pts

Challenge: Take 10 steps and a picture at each step, use different angles and directions. Create a collage out of the pictures.

This photos were taken around Arrington, while my roommate and I went out for a walk. I thought it would be the perfect time to get this assignment done. I tried to get as many different angles as I could think of that would be interesting. Here is the result of the photo-shoot.

10 pictures in 10 steps Collage

  1.  IMG_6052
  2.  IMG_6050
  3. IMG_6053
  4.  IMG_6054
  5.  IMG_6055
  6.  IMG_6056
  7.  IMG_6059
  8.  IMG_6058
  9.  IMG_6061
  10.  IMG_6064