Shadow’s Reminders

Post-it Notes and Grocery Lists! (2 stars)

Hey it’s Chelsea again I was able to infiltrate my blog for just a bit. As pay back I am posting Shadow post-it notes he leaves around his office in the Agency. He literally planned out his day step by step, which is a little odd for him. If you see Shadow you better hope his isn’t on the stealing step…

Shadow is a Little Weird

Report on Week11

This week achievements:

  1. Website
  2. Blog
  • Web Assignments
  1. Character Resume (3 stars)
  2. You’reĀ  Pinteresting Character (2 stars)
  • Visual Assignments
  1. Complete Family Photo (3 stars)
  2. Post-it Note and Grocery List (2 stars)
  • Commenting
  1. TDC-Mariam’s Monologue
  2. Only a fool would skip work in April- Noir. Enough Said.
  3. You’re a Pinteresting Character- Miriam’s Monologue
  4. Cats in Trees- The Time is Now!
  5. Johnny’s Resume- Landon Epperly
  6. My “Outstanding” Resume……-The Phoenix’s Liar
  7. Love: In Three Frames- Ty’s Experience
  8. Daily Create Week 11 -Dalina Beckham
  9. A Quick Thank You….-The Phoenix’s Liar
  10. Business Card-My new adventure in the digital realm

Shadow’s Profile

Character’s Resume (3 stars)

The following is Shadow’s resume. He doesn’t have much official work with an employer, but has plenty as an entrepreneur. His independent work shows that he needs little to no supervising, making him a wonderful independent employee to have.


321 Shadow Park

Dark, Virginia 22406

Objective: To gain experience in more elaborate heists.

Work History:


  • Robbing Banks
  • Robbing Jewelry Stores
  • Smaller robberies


  • Advanced Diploma- Shadow-Land High (Dark, Virginia)
  • Bachelors of Business- University of Mary Washington (Fredericksburg, Virginia)


  • Stealing
  • Robbing
  • Spying
  • Cooking
  • Hunting

Darkening Agency’s Pinterest can be Quite Interesting

You’re a Pinteresting Character (2 stars)

Here is a link to Agents Shadow and Caleb board in the Darkening Agency. This board gives in insight to what the agents and the entire agency is about. There are pins about alcohol (specifically about whiskey), gun, women, spy equipments, burglaries, jewelry, poison, fast cars, and cops. This sums up not only the personality of Agents Shadow and Caleb but the types of jobs they dabble in.


Week 11 daily creates

This week I did Wednesday and Sunday’s daily create:

  • Happy Birthday, Black!

This daily create was to make a meaningful birthday card for Maggie Black. This class is noir themed I took a picture I found on google of a black cat staring at the sunset and placed a birthday pun on it for her. Have a Happy Birthday Black! (even her name is noir themed)

Happy Birthday Maggie Black

  • Umbrella Photography is a Thing

I made this piece very dark because as a Shadow I love the dark since I like minimal light I placed a candle underneath the umbrealla. I can be a very romantic sometimes and this picture represents that. I took this picture in the dark then added a a color vibrant filter to get this pretty but gloomy photo.

How about an umbrella date night?