Week6 Wrap It Up: Radio Show


This week on The Dark Times:

We create a radio group call NOIRington (Justin Lawrence, Abigail Dunn, and myself) and will presenting Small Town on our radio show Dead Silence (NOIRington progress).  We also have a poster promo for our show Dead Silence.

This Wednesday I also participated in a tweet-along with ds106 radio. My tweets can be seen in my sidebar. They are tagged as ds106radio and noir106.

This week I did 2 daily creates (Thursday and Saturday).

We were also required to create 10 stars worth of Audio Assignment (5 stars dedicated to my character, Shadow):

  1. Shadow’s Theme Song (4pts)
  2. Shadow Call (2pts)
  3. What Was That? (4pts)

We were required to comment on 10 students work:

  1.  Ring, Ring Ringtone
  2.  Mini Icon Sticker
  3.  Noir Not The Father
  4.  Caleb’s Theme Song
  5. Our Radio Poster…THE NOIR BUZZ!!!
  6. Character Call
  7. Radio Bumper
  8. Emotion Through Sound
  9. Song Reversed
  10. Itty Bitty Kitty

Shadow’s Calling

Character’s Bird Calls (2pts):

This call is to specifically call my character, Shadow, from hiding when needed be. It was created entirely from FreeSounds.org and Audacity. It is short because Shadow doesn’t need a long call, he is always listening. This call is a mix of a whistle and sounds from playing water glass. I choose to create it this way because I was thinking that if you were trying to call shadow you wouldn’t want something loud and obvious you need something quiet but distinct to be recognized by Shadow.

Shadow’s Theme Song

Your Theme Song (4pts):

I downloaded The Pink Panther’s opening song from Youtube. I added some found effects from FreeSound.org. Throughout the song I added some symbol crashes and drumming, while also editing the sound of the original song. This is perfect for my character, Shadow, since he is always sneaking around. This theme song describes Shadow nicely in that is had deep crashes as if he was breaking into something as he does on various occasions.

Shadow’s Theme Song

NOIRington: Dead Silence- Small Town

I already knew Abigail Dunn so I asked her if she wanted to create a group with me and then Justin Lawrence had contacted us to join the group. Justin created a google doc so that we could outline the show. Justin created a radio Poster for the group and had an idea where the plot would go.

The show is called Dead Silence and we will presenting the story Small Town. I summarized what each act would be based on so that we would know what direction to go in. Now we need to create a script, the commercials, and bumpers.