Dead Silence pt2

This week my group NOIRington got a lot of progress in. We completed our radio show below called Dead Silence. I did the final editing on the radio show, and some commercials, as well as the scripting with the help of Abigail and Justin. Both Abigail and Justin did mainly the sound effects, bumpers, and commercial editing. Though we did the editing on our own, we did the recording and scripting all together on Thursday in the ITCC vocal booth. I am really proud on how this ended up and had a lot of fun working with my group.

Week 7 Completed

This week on The Dark Times:

NOIRington completed their radio show on the story Dead Silence. View their progress throughout the week here.

3 Daily Creates were also completed.

As well as 10 blog comments were done.

  1. Why Don’t You Get A Clue?
  2. Inside Talking Radio Show
  3. 7 Weeks Down
  4. Daily Create- Towel Heel
  5. What Really Scares You?
  6. NeoNoir: 2nd edition
  7. Radio Show Week
  8. Radio Show Progress
  9. GIBBS – The Movie
  10. Broadcasting Week 7


Getting Creative on Week 7

Week 7 Daily Creates: (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday)

Monday: What 5 Things in Life Give You Joy?

While I was thinking what are my top 5 things bring me joy in life, I came up with my family, my friends, soccer, my turtle (Lilo), and doing art. These are my top things I love, though I had a few others that I wanted to put in. I then went through some old pictures of each thing and I used iMovie to create a video of them all together. Here is the final result.

Wednesday: Are you up for some emojination?

This daily create involved creating a story from 5 emojis. I ended up getting a noir cat as one of my emojis so I immediately jumped to noir themed story when I was brainstorming. The following is my story.

The Evil Cat

Saturday: A Unique #HeelConcept

In this daily create we were to make a heel concept by elevating our heel on a daily object. I choose a juggling soccer ball because I constantly play soccer but a full sized soccer ball would have been too big to do. Here is my #heelconcept

A Soccer Heel Concept