A Day in the Life of Shadow and Caleb

60 Second- A Video Narrative (4 stars)

This assignment required to take 60 one second video clips to tell a story. I show a day of Shadow and Caleb hanging out through the eyes of Shadow. In this montage of videos I got my friend Moe Bahhur to play Caleb as I play Shadow. That being said I am not a shadow so while watching I ask you to pretend that I am transparent and a male.

On this day of Shadow and Caleb Shadow starts off by stealing some jewelery (of course), some money, and a turtle (just because). Then Shadow runs away with the stuff he stole to meet up with Caleb. Caleb wanting to drink convinces Shadow to also drink, Caleb drinking too much passes out for a while. Shadow and Caleb eventually head out and begin being doing mischievous thing such as stealing a bike and a car. They then drive around for a little until they get hungry, they eat dinner then head out into the darkness. Caleb again suggests drinking as they take notes on how to be bad.

DS106 Radio week 2

This week I listened in on Dinner Party at 6 and part of Noir Buzz. Dinner Party at 6 was very interesting though hard to figure out what was happening. Something that may have been helpful would have been some vocal cues to which character was saying what so that the audience could tell what happened to who. Other than the vocal cues the story was great! The mystery and death in the story fit right into the theme of noir perfectly. The sound effects were great, very helpful, and it allowed me to be dragged into the story as if I were actually there.

Noir Buzz was somewhat difficult to understand at first, the woman who was explaining the show in the beginning spoke too quick therefore one could not catch everything she said. Since, I didn’t know what was happening in the show it took me a while to pick up that it was a talk show starring an actress sharing insight on her recently release movie. They aired a movie trailer towards the end of the show which was had great sound effects and also perfectly fit into the theme of noir.

Goodbye Radio, Goodbye Dead Silence

I was so excited to here my show Dead Silence live on the radio and once I saw what everyone tweeted about it, my day was made. It seemed as if everyone had enjoyed listening to the shows as much as I enjoyed creating it. I loved my group, Abigail Dunn and Justin Lawrence, both had a great sense of humor when coming up with the lines for the show as well as when we were recording. The hardest part about this show would probably be the editing since I did have to split every everyone’s voices so that I could touch up the character or change their voice entirely (Shadow). That being said the only thing I’d probably would change about this show would be slightly extending the script. For future radio groups I have one advice for you, start this project as early as you can! You do not want to be stuck on Sunday night still trying to finish up editing.

In case you missed out on Dead Silence here is the audio:

Week 9 Daily Creates

Monday: A Dream Staircase

The name of this piece is “Start Small, End Big,” these are my steps to end world hunger. Although there is much more that goes into being able accomplish each step such as money, education, and time, I thought it would be best to go a little more general. Unless I am able to feed myself I will not be able to feed my family, if I cannot feed my family then I cannot feed my community and so on. By starting small and expanding to help larger groups you create stability for yourself and those that surround you, thus allowing those people to help others and those other people to help even more people. Every change begins with you, and by you I do mean you!

Start Small, End Big

Wednesday: Arty Blur Photo

I actually took this picture throughout the summer, I was watching my sister’s friend DJ preform. He had lasers and really great music playing and I couldn’t help but jump and dance! The laser show was fun to watch though while dancing it is difficult to capture pictures. I ended up deleting most of my blurred photos but I did end up keeping this one because I thought the colors were very vibrant and the blur actually enhanced the photo.

Laser Blurs