Report on Week11

This week achievements:

  1. Website
  2. Blog
  • Web Assignments
  1. Character Resume (3 stars)
  2. You’re  Pinteresting Character (2 stars)
  • Visual Assignments
  1. Complete Family Photo (3 stars)
  2. Post-it Note and Grocery List (2 stars)
  • Commenting
  1. TDC-Mariam’s Monologue
  2. Only a fool would skip work in April- Noir. Enough Said.
  3. You’re a Pinteresting Character- Miriam’s Monologue
  4. Cats in Trees- The Time is Now!
  5. Johnny’s Resume- Landon Epperly
  6. My “Outstanding” Resume……-The Phoenix’s Liar
  7. Love: In Three Frames- Ty’s Experience
  8. Daily Create Week 11 -Dalina Beckham
  9. A Quick Thank You….-The Phoenix’s Liar
  10. Business Card-My new adventure in the digital realm

This is Now Mine!- love, Shadow

Now on The Dark Times its me, Shadow! Throughout the semester I have been burrowing my way into this blog and into ds106 and now I have made it. Here is a list of my accomplishments for this week:

  1. Character Interview
  2. 1 Second Video (1 star)
  3. I am Me (4.5 stars)
  • Raise awareness for insulting media (check)
  1. Public Service Announcement (5 stars)
  2. 5 Second Film (4.5 stars)
  • Taking credit for Chelsea’s Comments (check)
  1. Tree.
  2. I’m a Bee
  3. Harvey Hait Draws a 15 sec Batman
  4. Monroe Montage
  5. Talking to a Stranger
  6. Hope Trains Don’t Derail You, Too
  7. Join the War Effort!
  8. Find Your Noir Lover
  9. Pilots Wanted
  10. Daily Creates: Week 10


What Happened on Week 8

This week on The Dark Times:

  • Radio Show Tweet Along and Reflection (Thursday)-Tweets can be found in the sidebar
  • Shadow got an email and twitter

  • Commenting:
  1.  How One Daily Create Became an Inspiration
  2. Happy Pi Day!
  3. Cupcakes are Pretty Inspirational
  4. Links, ew
  5. What’s up, Mia?
  6. Dear Diary…
  7. Car Lust
  8. My Comments
  9. Watch My Dog Hump Me
  10. A Pinteresting Trip
  11. Tweet Along
  • Inspired work:
  1.  UMW Rugby Family Tree
  2. Inspired by a Teapot
  3. Don’t Miss Out
  4. LOL!!
  • Collaborated all Media Assignment with Abigail Dunn as Caleb
  1. Cheesy Radio Ad for your School (3.5 stars)
  2. Professor Groom Poster (4.5 stars)
  3. Make My Day (3 stars)
  4. 106 Horror (1 star)

Week 7 Completed

This week on The Dark Times:

NOIRington completed their radio show on the story Dead Silence. View their progress throughout the week here.

3 Daily Creates were also completed.

As well as 10 blog comments were done.

  1. Why Don’t You Get A Clue?
  2. Inside Talking Radio Show
  3. 7 Weeks Down
  4. Daily Create- Towel Heel
  5. What Really Scares You?
  6. NeoNoir: 2nd edition
  7. Radio Show Week
  8. Radio Show Progress
  9. GIBBS – The Movie
  10. Broadcasting Week 7


Week6 Wrap It Up: Radio Show


This week on The Dark Times:

We create a radio group call NOIRington (Justin Lawrence, Abigail Dunn, and myself) and will presenting Small Town on our radio show Dead Silence (NOIRington progress).  We also have a poster promo for our show Dead Silence.

This Wednesday I also participated in a tweet-along with ds106 radio. My tweets can be seen in my sidebar. They are tagged as ds106radio and noir106.

This week I did 2 daily creates (Thursday and Saturday).

We were also required to create 10 stars worth of Audio Assignment (5 stars dedicated to my character, Shadow):

  1. Shadow’s Theme Song (4pts)
  2. Shadow Call (2pts)
  3. What Was That? (4pts)

We were required to comment on 10 students work:

  1.  Ring, Ring Ringtone
  2.  Mini Icon Sticker
  3.  Noir Not The Father
  4.  Caleb’s Theme Song
  5. Our Radio Poster…THE NOIR BUZZ!!!
  6. Character Call
  7. Radio Bumper
  8. Emotion Through Sound
  9. Song Reversed
  10. Itty Bitty Kitty

What’s Up with Week 5


This week on The Dark Times: daily creates, design assignments, a design blitz, some thought on copyrights and films, and a reflection on The Vignelli Canon.

Throughout the week we were to finish at least 3 daily creates, doing so I did Monday- Wednesday: Draw a David…That David, Make Creative Hands, and What’s Your Super Power?. We were also to carry around a camera a capture examples of different design concepts, the result is the Design Blitz.

This week I completed 15pts of assignments though only 12 were needed, 6 pts being dedicated to my character, Shadow. I created Exquisite Corpse (4pts) and Laptop Lingo (2pts) for fun and Bad Guy Business Cards (2pts), Bumper Sticker (3.5pts), and Cartoon You (3.5pts) for Shadow.

We were also to create a separate blog post on The Vignelli Canon, Double Indemnity, and thought on the copyright laws. The Vignelli Canon was written be a famous graphic designer, it is intended to help designers understand the complexity of design, here is the Vignelli Reflection. My roommate and I created a movie night to watch Double Indemnity because why not, the following is the thoughts of the idea of design and noir combined, Movie Reflection. Lastly, is my thoughts on the ideas of ownership and copying, Copyright Laws blog.


Week4: The Dark Times Weekly Report


This week on The Dark Times we had to do 2 daily creates and so I did 3. I did Monday through Wednesday and had a lot of fun editing each picture.

This week we also had to think up some ideas for a radio show, I didn’t have to many since there is only so much you can do with sound. We also had to reflect on different audio storytelling techniques (different musics, sound effects, etc).

Luckly we did get to do more fun stuff other then analyzing audio storytelling, we had to create a radio bumper for the ds106 radio, and a bunch more audio assignments. We had to complete at least 8 points worth therefore I did 911 What’s Your Emergency? (3.5pts), Imitate Some Weather (1.5pts), Favorite Song (1.5pts), and Sound Effect Story (3.5pts).

All the audio editing was done on audacity.