DS106 Radio week 2

This week I listened in on Dinner Party at 6 and part of Noir Buzz. Dinner Party at 6 was very interesting though hard to figure out what was happening. Something that may have been helpful would have been some vocal cues to which character was saying what so that the audience could tell what happened to who. Other than the vocal cues the story was great! The mystery and death in the story fit right into the theme of noir perfectly. The sound effects were great, very helpful, and it allowed me to be dragged into the story as if I were actually there.

Noir Buzz was somewhat difficult to understand at first, the woman who was explaining the show in the beginning spoke too quick therefore one could not catch everything she said. Since, I didn’t know what was happening in the show it took me a while to pick up that it was a talk show starring an actress sharing insight on her recently release movie. They aired a movie trailer towards the end of the show which was had great sound effects and also perfectly fit into the theme of noir.

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