Think about Photography

I absolutely love photography, I am not exactly sure why but all types of pictures get my attention. I am a very visual person I guess, I love the stories behind each picture.

When the fire starts to burn

I will admit I do take a ton of photos, many of them being extremely random and bad because I would do it in a rush to use them on snapchat.



Though, I do also take a lot of nature pictures because mother earth is just so beautiful. I love to capture moments in which you think gosh how lucky are we to  live in such a beautiful place.

Baby bunnies


In my room I have a mural of pictures of friends and family, I like to keep adding photos because when I get bored I can just look up and there is my friends, family, and other reminders of my life. I will say, I am probably not a very good photographer but I take picture mainly for myself since I will be the one looking back through them to remember the old days.


After reviewing the sources posted for photography, I have realized I probably should attempt to put some effort into taking pictures, or at the very least give the picture some meaning.


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