Thought on Audio Storytelling

This week we had to watch 2 videos and compare them both on the Touch of Evil and Touch of Evil (no restored version). The only real difference between each video is that the no restored version was longer and that they both had different music playing along. The regular version had a happy song playing along giving an entirely different sense to the opening then the no restored version which had a darker tone to it. The darker tone made the clip more noir and more intense when the car exploded.

We also had to participate on a tweet along with the ds106 radio. I participated on Thursday. I really like the astronaut story about Buzz and Neil how they get stuck on the moon yet they do not panic. All the sound effects within both stories The Killers and the Moon Landing were also amazing and added to the story making one feel as if they were standing on the moon or in the cross fire. Without these sound effects we would have just been sitting there hearing a story being read to us, which would have been extremely boring, most of us would have probably dazed off.


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