Week4: The Dark Times Weekly Report


This week on The Dark Times we had to do 2 daily creates and so I did 3. I did Monday through Wednesday and had a lot of fun editing each picture.

This week we also had to think up some ideas for a radio show, I didn’t have to many since there is only so much you can do with sound. We also had to reflect on different audio storytelling techniques (different musics, sound effects, etc).

Luckly we did get to do more fun stuff other then analyzing audio storytelling, we had to create a radio bumper for the ds106 radio, and a bunch more audio assignments. We had to complete at least 8 points worth therefore I did 911 What’s Your Emergency? (3.5pts), Imitate Some Weather (1.5pts), Favorite Song (1.5pts), and Sound Effect Story (3.5pts).

All the audio editing was done on audacity.


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