What’s Up with Week 5


This week on The Dark Times: daily creates, design assignments, a design blitz, some thought on copyrights and films, and a reflection on The Vignelli Canon.

Throughout the week we were to finish at least 3 daily creates, doing so I did Monday- Wednesday: Draw a David…That David, Make Creative Hands, and What’s Your Super Power?. We were also to carry around a camera a capture examples of different design concepts, the result is the Design Blitz.

This week I completed 15pts of assignments though only 12 were needed, 6 pts being dedicated to my character, Shadow. I created Exquisite Corpse (4pts) and Laptop Lingo (2pts) for fun and Bad Guy Business Cards (2pts), Bumper Sticker (3.5pts), and Cartoon You (3.5pts) for Shadow.

We were also to create a separate blog post on The Vignelli Canon, Double Indemnity, and thought on the copyright laws. The Vignelli Canon was written be a famous graphic designer, it is intended to help designers understand the complexity of design, here is the Vignelli Reflection. My roommate and I created a movie night to watch Double Indemnity because why not, the following is the thoughts of the idea of design and noir combined, Movie Reflection. Lastly, is my thoughts on the ideas of ownership and copying, Copyright Laws blog.


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