Wrap-Up on Week 3


This week on The Dark Times: a photo safari, thoughts on photography, reflection on noir and visual storytelling, visual assignments, and the daily creates. May be too soon to say but this may have been the best week ever, this class is awesome!

We were asked to reflect onĀ photography, and how it is incorporated in our lives. I take a lot of photos as you will learn making this section really exciting for me. Hope we do more of this later in the semester.

As usual I love doing the daily create for the week (The Creative Days), I was able to do all of them Monday-Sunday and had a blast! I will probably continue to try to do every one for each week. My favorite on this week would definitely be Monday- Droodle at Meeting (or Elsewhere).

I also greatly enjoyed the photo safari, Abigail and I went out a few times to strictly go photograph the beauty that is of Mary Washington and Fredericksburg. We mainly went out at night to fit the noir theme as well that was our only free time.

This week we had to create 10pts worth of visual assignments, 5pts dedicated to my character, Shadow. Shadow’s assignments were What’s in Your Bag? (3pts), Pencil vs Camera (2pts), and a Warning Poster (3pts). The other visuals done were to complete the 10pts, 10 Step Photo Challenge (3pts) and A Whole New World (2pts). I love that most of these assignments were to take pictures because it gave me an excuse to go outside and capture pictures of Mary Wash.

Lastly I watched 2 noir movies this week Killer’s Kiss and Chinatown. After watching these movies we then had to discuss how they demonstrate noir throughout the movies. Read my blog post “Movie Night!” if you want to learn more about it.

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